Lonely Poppies

I happened across some poppies a few weeks ago quite by accident, and couldn't help but get down on their level to capture their essence. They have this way of thriving on their own that makes me quite jealous. I understand their loneliness, and admire their ability to be so strong and beautiful on their own.
The rain was a lucky happenstance. I put a 10mm and 16mm macro ring on my Sigma 60mm f/2.8 for the rainy shot to let me get the raindrops up close and personal. I like the macro rings even if they're a little on the fussy side, but I really prefer the views that show a little more context, so on most of the shots I didn't use them. I've been on these things for the last couple weeks like crazy, and found that shooting them in the sun is fun too, because of how the light shines through the thin petals.
My favorite of these photos happened on the rainy evening, when I caught this beauty hanging behind the pods. It just has a lonely feel, evocative of they way my soul is lately. Hate if you will - it's just how it is.