Fighting Breast Cancer With Blayke

My friend Blayke is pretty awesome. She's beautiful and kind and extremely talented. She's also on a mission, and it's an important one. I was lucky enough to be asked to help her on it with my camera.
Sony α6000 | E 60mm F2.8 OSS | 60mm | ƒ/2.8 | 1/60s | ISO 320
You see, Blayke wants to encourage women to fight. Not exactly in a boxing ring like these photos might imply, but she wants them to fight something more insidious and damaging than 8 oz. Everlasts could ever defeat.
Sony α6000 | E 60mm F2.8 OSS | 60mm | ƒ/4.0 | 1/500s | ISO 640
Sony α6000 | E 18-55 F3.5 | 20mm | ƒ/5.0 | 1/60s | ISO 640

Breast Cancer knocks down women every day, but if it's caught early, it can be treated, drastically improving survival rates. It takes a fight to defeat cancer, but the fight begins with knowledge and education - a woman's greatest weapons.
Sony α6000 | E 60mm F2.8 | 60mm | ƒ/4.0 | 1/100s | ISO 500
Blayke is encouraging all women from teens to adults to get checked and learn how to check for signs of breast cancer. It's not hard, and there are resources all over the web to help women, such as WebMD and Saint Alphonsus in the greater Boise area. There are more and better resources for women now than there ever have been, and they are there for you to take advantage!
Sony α6000 | E 60mm F2.8 | 60mm | ƒ/2.8 | 1/80s | ISO 320
Sony α6000 | E 60mm F2.8 OSS | 60mm | ƒ/4.0 | 1/100s | ISO 1250
It takes a strong person to be so vocal about this fight, and Blayke certainly is that. Breast cancer has had a profound effect on her life, and  she knows firsthand how life-saving early detection is.
Sony α6000 | E 60mm F2.8 OSS | 60mm | ƒ/2.8 | 1/20s | ISO 100
There's nothing to be taken lightly about breast cancer, so please don't mess around. Check, and get checked. If anything seems amiss, please contact a health professional in your area. Blayke and I are in your corner rooting for you, and want you to be your very healthiest.
Sony α6000 | E 18-55 F3.5 OSS | 18mm | ƒ/3.5 | 1/60s | ISO 400
Be smart. Be tough. Be like Blayke. LET'S KNOCK OUT BREAST CANCER!

(I've included camera and lens settings in the captions in order to try to stay out of the way. It was fun to shoot something different like this in a small gym that was dark, even though the walls were bright white. It also forced me to shoot at something tighter than wide-open aperture for the most part so I could get Blayke's face in sharp focus, but not completely lose the pink gloves.)