Platinum Dance Team in Black and White

Throw a couple dozen dancers on a stage in a dark venue, set them in motion, and try to capture the moment. What happens? 
A lot of fun! That's what! When the school asked me to come shoot their award-winning dance team at their Spring concert, there was no way I was going to decline the invitation. This is a dynamic group of young people with heart, soul, and passion, so it wasn't going to be your run-of-the-mill dance shoot. It was some of the very best in the valley, and I couldn't wait. This was happening!
Shooting from the side of the auditorium posed a few issues, but they were easily enough overcome by a combination of patience and "spray and pray".  Catching action meant I had to set the shutter speed very fast, and the darkness forced an ISO between 1600 and 3200, but somehow I managed to get all the expressions and movement I could have hoped for. I tossed a lot of blurry pics, too, but the keepers made it worth it. This shoot was a sheer joy.
These shoots are so different than portraits, even though the intent is the same. Ultimately in both, you are looking for expression and telling a story of the individual(s) framed. In a portrait shoot, though, the photographer has some element of control in locale, posing, and the like. Shooting live action, you get what's put in front of you, and you follow where it takes you, and that is so much fun! You get a genuine range of emotions and you're capturing people who are enjoying themselves in a moment. That's what the Platinum Dancers brought, and it was my joy to try to honor that with the lens.
Rock on, Platinum!